How we help retailers boost sales with Recommendations AI by Google Cloud

As digital retail takes on an accelerated transformation due to ongoing global events, big players in eCommerce are working to enable remote “everything” and to invest in improving online customer experiences.

Recommendations AI, a Google Cloud solution launched in 2019, helps retailers provide personalized product recommendations for each customer across all touchpoints, based on business-fit scenarios and objectives.


A recent study by Redpoint Global and The Harris Poll involving both marketers and consumers in the U.S., U.K., and Canada, revealed that 2 in 3 consumers now expect personalization as a standard of service, across all touchpoints. The same study shows brands struggle to deliver the level of customer experience the customers want, and cite data, systems, and organizational fragmentation as reasons for not meeting expectations. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are recognized as the top game-changing technologies in retail. Although companies are at different stages of this journey, most agree that finding or developing analytic talent is a key concern and bottleneck for doing more.

Recommendations AI is disrupting common pathways to AI

With a fully managed and fast implementation service, Recommendations AI poses a disruptive alternative to the common pathways of implementing Artificial Intelligence in retail businesses. Many retailers are using prebuilt, not customizable Machine Learning APIs, while some of them choose to train a Machine Learning model to meet their business needs with the help of a specialized team of Data Scientists. But it could take months, if not years, to recruit and hire data scientists for a fully-capable team and to build a custom ML/AI model to achieve what you need. 

In contrast, Recommendations AI doesn’t require Machine Learning experience, data preprocessing, or manual infrastructure provisioning, all of which are handled automatically by the system. You can customize it based on your own recommendations scenarios and business objectives and has a simple pricing plan – pay only per predictions you consume. 

Early results from retailers around the world have shown dramatic improvements in previous recommendation systems, with some achieving staggering results: up to 90% increase in click-through rate, 40% increase in conversions or 50% increase in revenue driven by recommendations (* Source: Google LLC. Actual results will vary by retailer).

How to integrate Recommendations AI into your business

Here’s where we step in! Using cloud solutions in our software since 2007, we have extensive experience in delivering sustainable solutions for various business needs as cloud natives. Starting April 2020, we’ve been officially listed as one of the first Recommendations AI integration partners worldwide by Google Cloud, a shortlist of trusted partners who can help clients implement the innovative solution into their eCommerce business.

We can help you integrate Recommendations AI into your business by actively implementing the solution into your systems or by guiding your team along the way. 

It usually takes about one month to have everything ready, so you can start training the model quickly and get results right away. Once the implementation is done, the pricing model is simple, as you pay only for the predictions you consume. Recommendations AI costs $0.35 per thousand prediction API calls, and there is no charge for the first 20K predictions each month. 

One of the clients we’ve recently supported the implementation of Recommendations AI for is Vivre. Let’s see what our client thinks of their experience with Recommendations AI so far, so we’ll pass the microphone to Mihai Iova, Head of Product at Vivre: “Vivre is a company born from a passion for technology with innovation at the forefront of its growth. We found in Zitec an experienced partner with the same enthusiasm for technology. With Recommendations AI we have the freedom to experiment with recommendation scenarios and to offer our customers a source of inspiration of more than 150,000 unique products available daily on We recorded a 15% increase in transactions obtained from product pages that contain recommendations. We will expand both the scope and the number of our experiments with Recommendations AI.”


Recommendations AI has increased its efficiency with 50% from project-start and is expected to improve, as Vivre continues to build and run new experiments. 

If you also want to accelerate your business with the power of AI and deliver product recommendations that speak your customers’ minds, we’re here to help you set everything up. 

Reach out to us directly and let’s get the wheels rolling – we’re only a few clicks away!

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