Author: Corina DUMITRESCU, Content Marketer

Call us digital transformation wizards: the Pegasus Legal Capital case

At Zitec, we strongly believe that the best kind of advertising is a happy customer. This is how our collaboration with New York-based [...]

Why feedback matters at work and how to give it better

We work in a very dynamic field and feedback is part of our everyday activity. We, at Zitec, know from our own experience, that giving [...]

So close, no matter how far: our 17th anniversary, while working from home

Can you believe it? Just a little bit less than a week and we’ll be turning 17. Looking back to June 10th 2003, when Alex and Simona [...]

DocuSign, the rabbit in the hat for Zitec’s digital transformation

Since the very first day we entered the market, 17 years ago, Zitec services are focused on the digital transformation of our clients. [...]

The latest updates from Magento, in a nutshell

As the only Romanian Magento Business Partner and with over 17 years of experience in developing large eCommerce stores for worldwide [...]

Got mad synth skills? We have a job for you!

We’re not even kidding. You know us, we take even the fun side of things seriously. So here’s the deal. You’ve probably already heard [...]