Author: Costinela NISTOR, Brand Guardian

Zitec 2019 in a nutshell [Infographic]

As 2020 reveals itself to us, we took one last look at the challenging journey 2019 has been for our team and placed all the insights [...]

Over 5000 lives saved. In 30 minutes.

We’ve been waiting for this moment for over 2 years and I’m really proud and happy to finally be able to say it: we’ve saved over 5000 [...]

#ZiHack 7 – wonder hack!

It’s been a while It’s been 7 years since we first hosted our annual 24h hackathon: #ZiHack. We’ve had six previous editions in [...]

Zitec awarded as Best System Integrator

It’s been more than 5 years since we first implemented Microsoft Azure on one of our projects, also marking the beginning of an [...]

Congrats on the 1st billion downloads!

So they did it! Fabien Potencier‏ and the Symfony community deserve one big round of applause on their new milestone: 1 billion free [...]

Why our team buildings are true adventures

We’ve just come back from a four-day team building in the Danube Delta celebrating our 14th anniversary: We make it so! [...]

#ZiHack 6 – teams, apps & aftermaths

As I begin writing this I’m already thinking that after this #ZiHack edition, next year’s event should be themed… But [...]

PHP traineeship kick off

It is now on! This year’s PHP traineeship has started and we have 8 new colleagues who joined the Zitec team to learn the basics [...]

Zitec becomes Google Premier Partner

Starting this month, Zitec becomes one of the Romanian Google Premier Partners, meaning that along the past years we have demonstrated [...]

Innovative project for the European Space Agency

We’re very proud and excited to announce this first and most innovative project we’re working on for the European Space [...]