Author: Costinela NISTOR, Brand Guardian

Usability Mistakes – It Can Happen To You Too

Our daily needs and desires make us access a wide variety of websites every day. From shopping online to meeting our information needs, [...]

The Anatomy of User Experience

A good user experience (UX) can turn users and visitors into customers and can help increase the fame and renown of a business among [...]

Best of ZiHack v5.0

So another edition of ZiHack is now over and after 24 hours of coding, an awards ceremony and a live concert, we’re now happy to [...]

ZiHack v5.0 is on!

With an eye on the protests and an eye on the code, this morning we took on a new challenge: 24hours of coding a.k.a. ZiHack v5.0, a [...]

Cool Work Environments #1 – Zitec

Last week we met the Young HR Pros community at the Zitec HQ, for a sharing evening about our work space. How the event went, what we [...]

Debugging in Magento

Everyone who has the good fortune of working in programming wants to work with the newest technologies, write new code and implement [...]

Marius Balteanu: Head of Quality Assurance and the Newest Member of Zibord

When he came to Zitec, on a Monday, November 5th 2012, the first thing he noted was the quiet in the office. He had worked in an [...]

Zitec Magento Team met Magento Community

On the 28th of February, part of our Magento team (Irina, George, Claudiu and I) participated in ‘Meet Magento Workshop’, organized by [...]

Adina Nichitean: from Intern, to Head of Magento

Adina joined Zitec in 2011, when she found out about the Drupal internship, from a newsletter. After talking to our HR department, she [...]

Pursue your passion. Start with a Zitec internship.

In order to support the professional development of students and graduates, Zitec started organizing internship programs that have been [...]