Author: Ionut VODA, CTO,

Hidden issues with PHP sessions

PHP sessions represent a very common practice to acquire data and user persistency across HTTP requests. While in 99% of time they are [...]

Integrating ZF into a legacy app

Why doing that ? No matter how neat or good looking code you write at some point, inevitably there’s a time when new coding [...]

Handling .NET assemblies in PHP

This story is about manipulating or consuming managed assemblies (AKA DLLs) in PHP, mostly (but not only) on Windows systems. Managed [...]

Preventing SSL session exploits

Safe enough ? I would start by stating that the current article does not underline any vulnerability with the SSL protocol itself, but [...]

SSL certificates

What is SSL? SSL is a protocol, not a HTTP extension, not a digital certificate nor an encryption method. As it finds itself at the TCP [...]

Parallel processing with PHP and Gearman

Some background first Often you come to a point where you need to process data in a non-blocking fashion and in multiple threads at [...]

Database versioning

Why While using a code versioning process and pushing the code to the production environment without FTP-ing it is a first step in [...]

Development and deployment workflow

About Here, at Zitec, we deal with aย varietyย of medium to large projects developed “agile” style. While “agile” [...]

RESTful webservice using Zend Framework

Intro Webservices are more and more used these days because of the way they decouple the service consumers by the service itself. It is [...]