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11 FREE Easter icons

A free Easter icon pack from Zitec’s design team who wishes you a Happy Easter. This pack contains 11 icons in EPS, PNG and a [...]

5 Reasons Why the Latest Version of Photoshop Will Improve Your Workflow

That moment when we absolutely ignore the update button because we’re too busy or too lazy to click it. Let me put this straight. [...]

Branding Case Study – Rozmarin Immigration Consulting

Rozmarin is a company specialized in immigration consulting services in Canada. Their promise is a unique approach of the clientele by [...]

A Story on a Black Board

Star date: 2013.312 – artists’ log “When the right moment came and all the planets were aligned for the great and long expected [...]

Zitec Coat of arms explained

This year was our 10th anniversary as a team and, as I’ve mentioned it before, we went for a custom anniversary T-shirt [...]

Design Department 10 Commandments

Here at Zitec, we all strive to do our work at the highest professional standards. Constant improvement, innovation, expanding our [...]

Zitec on Smashing Magazine

For those who don’t know yet, Smashing Magazine is arguably one of the most popular blogs for web designers and developers, [...]

Pure CSS Logos. No Images, No JS.

A few years ago, creating a logo only with the use of CSS sounded a bit crazy. Now, with CSS3, you can replicate a lot of fancy effects [...]

The amazing power of CSS – selectors and attribute selectors

Selectors are one of the most important aspects of CSS as they are used to „select and style” elements on an HTML page. Attribute [...]

Zitec. Rebranded.

There’s a time in every company’s life when rebranding is inevitable. Most of the times you want to target a different market, or [...]