Category: Human Resources

How social distancing changed the recruitment process – the HR’s perspective

It’s been almost six years since I joined the Zitec team. My first interview here also happened to be my first interaction with the IT [...]

Joining a team remotely – how to adapt

Joining a team remotely was not on my list when I chose Zitec but even so, after several months spent in the company, I can tell that [...]

Why feedback matters at work and how to give it better

We work in a very dynamic field and feedback is part of our everyday activity. We, at Zitec, know from our own experience, that giving [...]

Got mad synth skills? We have a job for you!

We’re not even kidding. You know us, we take even the fun side of things seriously. So here’s the deal. You’ve probably already heard [...]

Zitec 2019 in a nutshell [Infographic]

As 2020 reveals itself to us, we took one last look at the challenging journey 2019 has been for our team and placed all the insights [...]

Cool Work Environments #1 – Zitec

Last week we met the Young HR Pros community at the Zitec HQ, for a sharing evening about our work space. How the event went, what we [...]

Pursue your passion. Start with a Zitec internship.

In order to support the professional development of students and graduates, Zitec started organizing internship programs that have been [...]

The story of two Internships!

It all started with our first Zitec Internship… Back in 2011, the internship for Drupal was a big success for Zitec since [...]

Zitec teambuilding in the Danube Delta

The teambuilding around this time of year has become a Zitec tradition. This year we also celebrate 10 years of Zitec, so we had to [...]

Celebrating 10 years of Zitec – Infographic

After so many challenging projects, this team still finds itself as passionate and as enthusiastic as it started 10 years ago, only [...]