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The latest updates from Magento, in a nutshell

As the only Romanian Magento Business Partner and with over 17 years of experience in developing large eCommerce stores for worldwide [...]

Meet Magento Romania 2017 – day 2

This year’s Meet Magento Romania got to an end, and we’re excited to give you an overview of how interesting we found this event [...]

Meet Magento Romania 2017 – day 1

Part of our Magento team (Lucian, Roxana, Vlad and I) are in Cluj-Napoca these days, attending the ‘Meet Magento Romania’ conference. [...]

Magento 1.x and FAN Courier & PayU

Intro If you’ve built an online store on Magento 1.x, you’ve definitely come to the point of adding at least one shipping method and a [...]

Top 5 ecommerce platforms in 2016 (part II)

Earlier this year, I’ve written a short presentation about the top 5 ecommerce platforms users were interested in back in 2016. [...]

How to add custom product attributes and attribute options in Magento 1.x

Anyone who worked on maintaining a Magento website or create a new online store from scratch using Magento 1.x definitely stumbled upon [...]

Custom event after an order has been placed in Magento 2

Sometimes it can be pretty hard to find the right spot where you can hook up your custom code in Magento 2, without messing up the [...]

Top 5 ecommerce platforms in 2016 (part I)

Where did it all begin? Starting from an article I have stumbled upon, I began wondering what do the most used e-commerce platforms [...]

Debugging in Magento

Everyone who has the good fortune of working in programming wants to work with the newest technologies, write new code and implement [...]

RoMagento Bucharest 2015

The first RoMagento conference is approaching! It will be held in Bucharest on the 7th of May and we will be there! During our [...]