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Zitec becomes Google Cloud Premier Partner

    Starting July 2020, we’re proud to have become Google Cloud Premier Partner, the top-level for partners who have [...]

The latest updates from Magento, in a nutshell

As the only Romanian Magento Business Partner and with over 17 years of experience in developing large eCommerce stores for worldwide [...]

Got mad synth skills? We have a job for you!

We’re not even kidding. You know us, we take even the fun side of things seriously. So here’s the deal. You’ve probably already heard [...]

Zitec 2019 in a nutshell [Infographic]

As 2020 reveals itself to us, we took one last look at the challenging journey 2019 has been for our team and placed all the insights [...]

The 8th edition of the Traineeship was a blast!

It’s been a tremendous 3 months here at Zitec. Soon after we moved to our new offices, this year’s traineeship started. 15 [...]

Over 5000 lives saved. In 30 minutes.

We’ve been waiting for this moment for over 2 years and I’m really proud and happy to finally be able to say it: we’ve saved over 5000 [...]

Zihack#7 – apps & awards

For this year’s #ZiHack we took inspiration from da Vinci’s Vitruvian man and hacked it into the  Zitruvian Man & Lady, [...]

The journey from a trainee to a full-stack dev and QA

    We’ve just completed another successful Zitec traineeship that has created a new generation of QA and developers. The [...]

Time Management is in our code

We are all amazing tech people. Sometimes, though, you might feel overwhelmed with the amount of workload that may appear in your line [...]

The PHP traineeship becomes a Zitec full-time journey

Our PHP team has grown – all 8 trainees proved to be a good fit here and have now joined the Zitec team after a three months [...]