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Call us digital transformation wizards: the Pegasus Legal Capital case

At Zitec, we strongly believe that the best kind of advertising is a happy customer. This is how our collaboration with New York-based [...]

How we help retailers boost sales with Recommendations AI by Google Cloud

As digital retail takes on an accelerated transformation due to ongoing global events, big players in eCommerce are working to enable [...]

Zitec and 7card, a modern love story

If you’re living or have spent some time in Romania, you must have heard of by now. If not, let me ask you this: have you ever [...]

DocuSign, the rabbit in the hat for Zitec’s digital transformation

Since the very first day we entered the market, 17 years ago, Zitec services are focused on the digital transformation of our clients. [...]

Got mad synth skills? We have a job for you!

We’re not even kidding. You know us, we take even the fun side of things seriously. So here’s the deal. You’ve probably already heard [...]

Zitec 2019 in a nutshell [Infographic]

As 2020 reveals itself to us, we took one last look at the challenging journey 2019 has been for our team and placed all the insights [...]

Meeting future developers from Brasov

We love to interact with passionate students. The most rewarding part is sharing our experience with them and see their interest in [...]

A glance into Shopify’s app development

Shopify is one of the trending e-commerce platforms this year. Earlier this year we started developing extensions for Shopify and we [...]

Zihack#7 – apps & awards

For this year’s #ZiHack we took inspiration from da Vinci’s Vitruvian man and hacked it into the  Zitruvian Man & Lady, [...]

#ZiHack 7 – wonder hack!

It’s been a while It’s been 7 years since we first hosted our annual 24h hackathon: #ZiHack. We’ve had six previous editions in [...]