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How we help retailers boost sales with Recommendations AI by Google Cloud

As digital retail takes on an accelerated transformation due to ongoing global events, big players in eCommerce are working to enable [...]

Why and wrote about us?

You know those movies where someone writes a story that they never intended to make public? Then someone publishes it behind their back [...]

The importance of coaching at work

It’s important for us to see that our colleagues are happy at work and we are concerned about their personal development. At Zitec, we [...]

A new Traineeship journey is about to start. All aboard?

We are ready to embark on a new journey with a bunch of cool people for our Traineeship Program! The start will be in July and we [...]

Meeting future developers from Brasov

We love to interact with passionate students. The most rewarding part is sharing our experience with them and see their interest in [...]