How to accelerate your ISV business by harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure

Discover how Microsoft Azure adoption can completely change a business for an ISV.
How to accelerate your ISV business by harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure

ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) face numerous technical challenges as they develop effective and secure solutions to meet customer demand – from having a lean and flaw-free delivery pipeline to safeguarding the integrity of the applications and making sense of the multitude of data points collected. 

Microsoft Azure simplifies addressing these challenges and helps ISVs augment their technical toolkit by equipping them with a broad portfolio of services that are inherently secure, scalable, cost-efficient and battle-tested.

But let’s narrow down the spectrum and be a bit more specific. Here are a few concrete examples of how Microsoft Azure adoption can completely change a business for an ISV.

Improved DevOps agility

With Azure, ISVs can spend more time creating reliable and secure app experiences that users will love, and less time on repetitive tasks.

Building a high-functioning DevOps environment requires visibility across teams and projects, interoperable tools and technologies, as well the ability to automate processes, especially when it comes to testing at scale.

And today, during times of social distancing, but not only, it’s more important than ever to enable these processes from wherever your developers happen to be. Azure supports effective DevOps with end-to-end solutions to empower DevOps practices across each of the application lifecycle phases: plan, develop, deliver, and operate.

Enhanced security

Thanks to Azure, ISVs get protection from cyberattacks and ensure compliance to an ever-changing climate of security and privacy laws:

  • Multilayered security across physical data centers, infrastructure, and operations.
  • Compliance with multiples regulatory authorities and guidelines across the globe.
  • Customized hardware, security controls integrated into the hardware and firmware components, and added protections against threats such as DDoS.

AI and machine learning capabilities

Customers choose their ISV partners based on their ability to provide intelligent solutions that are continuously evolving. A crucial component of innovation is the ability to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into solutions. In fact, over the next two years, ISVs are expected to include AI and ML into over half of their applications. 

Machine learning, cognitive capabilities, bots, intelligent search, speech, character, and image recognition are cutting-edge capabilities that are opening up a new frontier for developers. However, not every company has a data scientist or a machine learning engineer to build AI applications, or to train and optimize them.

Azure ensures the necessary tools to turn AI and ML into a reality for your solutions today. Interpret data at enterprise scale. Develop machine learning models quickly. Build mission-critical solutions that can analyze images, comprehend speech, make predictions using data, and imitate other intelligent human behaviors – all with Azure.

Get access to proven, secure, and responsible AI and ML capabilities on your own terms.

Seamless migration to the cloud

Azure empowers ISVs to be as nimble as their customers demand.

Nowadays, almost every company is living in its own version of a multicloud, hybrid environment. For ISVs, this means that each customer’s infrastructure portfolio could be unique, and they must be able to serve them all. 

Azure provides the ability to migrate simply, whether that means moving workloads from on-premises, shifting solutions between clouds, deploying across multiple clouds, or any combination of those.

New markets and sales channels

Successful business growth most often depends on having access to the marketing and sales channels that allow reaching the right customers. Being part of Microsoft’s partner ecosystem provides access to a broad base of customers, thanks to various tools and channels: 

  • Direct sales
  • Partner/reseller network
  • Microsoft field sales organization
  • Azure Marketplace.

Qualified partners even receive leads from Microsoft and other partners with different specializations. By associating with other Microsoft partners, ISVs get access to significantly larger deals. Co-selling with other partners typically leads to larger deals than those sold independently.

With Azure Marketplace, partners can expand their reach to new geographies and market segments. By merely listing solutions on the Marketplace a partner gets access to over 3 million visitors from more than 140 countries every month.

Harness the power of Azure

Research shows that using Azure results in the substantial improvement of overall business health. This is accomplished by lowering the cost of customer acquisition and reducing the length of the consumer buying cycle.

More specifically, those who adopt Azure as their primary cloud platform have experienced the following, and it could happen the same for your software business:

  • 75% growth in profits that can be attributed to higher-value solutions that reach the market faster
  • 58% faster time to market which allows ISVs to increase the number of new offerings to consumers
  • 30-40% productivity gain that can be attributed to agile methodologies and automated performance testing.

Accelerate your growth

Whether you are looking for a technology partner to drive your company’s growth or a security provider to safeguard your assets, our team would be happy to assist you with your challenges.


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