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From classroom to cutting-edge transformation: Narada and Zitec's AI revolution in Romanian education

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Continued recognition: Zitec, under Manifest's spotlight as one of the most reviewed IT Service Providers on Clutch

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Future-proofing continue value: Navigating the ever-evolving technological landscape of fintech

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8 mobile trends that could revolutionize the mobile app industry - Creating unique customer experiences while overpassing competition

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Leveraging cloud innovation and optimization in the first international event hosted by Zitec and Google Cloud

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Zitec and the CIRCLE - A creativity, wellbeing and entrepreneurship journey reaching its final destination

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Enhanced online journey for the revamped Beko website: A user-centric design

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UX - Maintenance - Business: The Trio That Drives Online Success. Insights from the event that teaches how to achieve client loyalty or scale exponentially

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ZiHack #12: A celebration of innovation, competition and team spirit in Zitec's annual hackathon

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Customer-centric insurance: The role of digital products in driving innovation