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UX - Maintenance - Business: The Trio That Drives Online Success. Insights from the event that teaches how to achieve client loyalty or scale exponentially

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ZiHack #12: A celebration of innovation, competition and team spirit in Zitec's annual hackathon

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Customer-centric insurance: The role of digital products in driving innovation

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The cybersecurity due date is coming: EU Member States to adopt the NIS 2 Directive at their national level by October 2024

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The 3 C's of mobile apps discovered by Freshful & Zitec: cost-efficiency, customer loyalty, competitive advantage

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Whitepaper: Learn how pentest exercises secured 2 companies against cybercrime

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Choosing the right Microsoft Certified Partner - Solving all the why’s in your FAQ’s


3 key legal implications to address in the IT partner selection process

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What it means to be a PHP Magento Developer – The real path of a software engineer

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Cars2Click’s Big Data Platform: scaling over 10x the ingestion and processing