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From classroom to cutting-edge transformation: Narada and Zitec's AI revolution in Romanian education

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Continued recognition: Zitec, under Manifest's spotlight as one of the most reviewed IT Service Providers on Clutch

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A Security Engineer’s story of obtaining the OSCP certification after 1 preparation month and a harsh 48-hour exam

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Workplace Trends Report 2023: People who work in IT seek flexibility, team quality and fairness

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ZiHack #12: A celebration of innovation, competition and team spirit in Zitec's annual hackathon

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Zitec | 2022 Business Performance, Client Service Excellence, Investment in People, Culture, and Products

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2022 in Review: A year of growth and success for Zitec’s Digital Marketing team

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What it means to be a PHP Magento Developer – The real path of a software engineer

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What do sports, social entrepreneurship, and writing have in common with technology and DevOps?


Zitec Fest 2022 was a blast and we’ve got the pictures to prove it