Developing digital features for European freelancers and entrepreneurs with the CIRCLE project

The CIRCLE brings awareness to the importance of innovative technology, creativity, wellbeing and sustainability. Check out more!
Developing digital features for European freelancers and entrepreneurs with the CIRCLE project

The pandemic recalibrated the business landscape, serving as a trigger for organizational digital transformation, which has become a  key process to keep pace with the contemporary world.

Businesses need to cross the boundaries of new fields to leverage innovation and technology in order to optimize their processes and services, improve efficiency and overall output, maximize resource use, understand client’s new demands, and propel their company forward. 

Implementing digital technology has various purposes and can lead to numerous achievements. Firstly, it can improve the company’s performance, via the development of new products or services or the reshaping of existing ones. Secondly, it can help the organization change its business model and employ more innovative solutions. Or it can allow organizations gain new competitive advantages through forward-thinking strategies. Ultimately, the end result is delivering a better client experience through improved digital products, creativity and wellbeing. As such, following this idea, the European Union addressed a series of projects that are part of their community programs. These programs aim to help businesses easily implement new digital transformation services. One of these is Crossector Impact through Creativity, Wellbeing and Entrepreneurship, also known as CIRCLE

Deep dive into the CIRCLE project

The CIRCLE, kicked-off in June 2021, presents an innovative approach with the intent to allow creatives and non-creatives to overcome disruptive situations and challenges by developing digital, creative, sustainability, and wellbeing skills.

The project brings together four organizations: Zitec, Impact Hub Bucharest, Impact Hub Madrid and Materahub. Their goal is to support 60 participants in the making of sustainable decisions about their businesses and ideas. The 60 participants are divided in half, more precisely, into 30 creatives and 30 non-creatives. Out of these, 25 belong to disadvantaged groups, including migrants. The CIRCLE combines the four organizations’ expertise in entrepreneurship, creativity, and digitalization, in order to help the participants develop their capacity to deliver creative services using developed tools, especially in disruptive times. 

We joined this initiative by allowing the Innovation Grants Consulting service, which provides our clients with professional consultancy to gain grants for the implementation of their projects and access to innovative technologies.  

Creating digital skills: behind the scenes 

Since the CIRCLE’s goal is to develop three types of skills: entrepreneurial, digital, and creative thinking in business, it provided the perfect ground for us to offer our support. Having the know-how to digitally transform business processes, culture, and CX to generate better results, we have undertaken the creation of an interactive digital wellbeing toolkit for the CIRCLE’s participants. It comprises a handbook, webinar presentations, case studies and success stories, that tackle various topics. These include: the creation of a successful digital strategy, digital marketing or NFTs, how to leverage existing technologies. It also presents suggestions on setting up your eCommerce site and legal protection, getting your finances in order, selling your goods and developing your store. In addition, to gain broader perspectives in EU markets, these materials are translated for Italian, Spanish, and Romanian users. 

Starting November 2021, we coordinated a series of online workshops aimed for the development of digital competences, with participants from all the above-mentioned EU countries. Throughout 2022, a number of online and offline meetings will follow. Many traveling circles will take place in May, June, July, and September. The CIRCLE project will end in February 2023 with an online festival where the participants can share their stories and learnings with the entire world. 

The CIRCLE is a project that not only embraces the idea of change via digitalization, but it also brings awareness to the importance of innovative technology, creativity, wellbeing and sustainability. We are happy to share our resources and expertise to the European community of entrepreneurs and freelancers, and help them with their digital transformation journey. 

Do you want to know more about this journey? Contact us and one of our specialists will be delighted to talk with you!

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