Digital marketing success story: EVOhoreca

Read EVOHoreca's success story and learn how Zitec helped the company improve conversion and discover new business opportunities.
Digital marketing success story: EVOhoreca

Our collaboration with EVOhoreca started almost 5 years ago. We have been constantly helping the company reach its goals: to increase its number of leads and to bring in more qualified visitors on site.

The long-term partnership was built on trust and enthusiasm. From the clients’ part, eagerness to expand the business and explore new ways of promotion, and from the Zitec side, enthusiasm to see a business growing with the power of online marketing activities.

Who is EVOhoreca?

EVOhoreca is a Romanian-based company founded by Alin Trusca. The business started in 2002 with furniture production for the rezidential sector. Its first online store, and also the first online furniture store to be opened in Romania, was launched in 2004. In 2011 EVOhoreca was created, as an online B2B agency for the Horeca sector.

It produces and imports professional furniture for hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, fast food places, food courts, pizza places, cantines and much more. Although it does have a physical showroom, its lead generation activity resides online, as the brand uses the website to generate on-site purchases, and most important, leads for bigger projects where EVOhoreca’s expertize and consultancy services come in play.

EVOhoreca has over 4000 finalized projects in Romania, 11 countries from Europe and the USA.

Our Role

Zitec’s digital marketing team is in charge of lead generation through the creation, implementation and optimization of PPC (pay per click) campaigns, whilst always being on the lookout for new opportunities, as well. We concentrate on analyzing, monitoring and optimizing the campaigns in order to maintain the results, decrease overall costs, and also increase the number of clicks, conversions and conversion rate.


Our Digital Marketing team has been constantly working for the last 5 years to optimize campaigns by making them more efficient (more qualified leads, lower CPCs and costs) and maintain the optimal number of leads in order for the EVOhoreca team to be fully booked.

“Alin always mentions how important it’s for him to maintain the results. The growth in number of leads generated would put pressure on the operational side of the business, so that’s why we are always in contact to make sure the level of growth is suitable for his business.” says Diana Taranu, Online Marketing Specialist.

With so much diversity in the catalogue, we enjoy building all types of campaigns, especially in AdWords Search Network and Display. In order to bring in more relevant users that are close to purchase, we use Dynamic Remarketing, which brings in better results overall than classic Display (15% more conversions and a 66% increase in Conversion Rate). In the past, we’ve also used AdRoll to do Dynamic Remarketing on Facebook, when Facebook didn’t offer this service yet.

One of our main goals over the years has been to maintain conversion rate and decrease overall costs.

We focused on maintaining top average positions for the important keywords, so that we are always visible to the relevant public. We improved ad rank and CTR by updating ads constantly and we also optimized bids and spending.

The results

By the end of the first month worked together, we increased the number of conversions more than 800 times. Ever since then we have steadily increased that average number of leads received per month.

Our PPC campaigns help the client reach its monthly target by bringing a high volume of qualified leads (forms and/or products bought from the shop) each month.

We also noticed a decrease in average CPC year over year – at least 12% every year, in some cases even 25%.

The traffic (number of sessions) has increased year over year. One of the biggest increase was 2015 compared to 2014, when we reached a 124% increase of traffic coming from PPC campaigns, attributed to both increases in budget spent and decreases of the average CPC (more traffic at a lower cost)

What the client says

“We have enjoyed Zitec’s marketing services for almost 5 years and in this moment we can say that you have strongly contributed to what the EVOhoreca brand is today, by being a strategic partner, both in the present and in the future. We have always enjoyed the friendly support and we always get pertinent answers from the team that manages our portfolio”, says Alin Trusca, CEO of EVOhoreca.

The future

We continue working with Alin and his team to improve results and discover new business opportunities. We can’t wait to see what the future holds; considering the trajectory so far, it’s only getting started!


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