Live Shopping, Visual Commerce, Last-Mile Delivery, and more highlights in customer experience trends

Explore the latest eCommerce trends: live shopping, visual commerce & last-mile delivery, along with recommendations for your business.
Live Shopping, Visual Commerce, Last-Mile Delivery, and more highlights in customer experience trends

Through our extensive experience in delivering eCommerce solutions for leading companies, our mission is to also support retailers with best practices, actionable recommendations, and insights to guide them through their digital transformation journey and help them improve their competitive advantage. Together with our partners from Innoship and, we met last month during an on-site event at the Zitec headquarters to discuss the late eCommerce customer experience trends: live shopping, visual commerce, and last-mile delivery

In this article, you can explore a summary of these findings and other actionable recommendations that will inspire your business decisions and strategies. 


Mihăiță Pașcaniuc, Creative Director at Zitec, tackled visual commerce and its importance in improving customer experience. He shared some interesting statistics and insights into customer behavior and noticed that we, Romanians, are still reluctant in ordering online: 88% internet users but only 38% online shoppers. The main reason for this missing out on the experience of shopping online is that they don’t have the same experience as in a physical store. This is a challenge that can be solved or improved through visual commerce. Here are some highlights from Mihăiță’s presentation:


Mihai Mănescu, Customer Success Manager at, discussed the future of shopping, starting with a comparison between live shopping and teleshopping. While there are similarities and differences between the two, Mihai believes that live shopping takes the best of teleshopping and much more than that. Here are the most important remarks from Mihai’s presentation:

  • Live shopping can be seen as a necessary step in the evolution to Web3 and decentralization;
  • While shopping, answering customers’ questions right away exponentially increases their purchasing decision. Through live shopping, customers have the chat at their disposal anytime, and you can easily answer their questions and influence the buying process;
  • Another benefit of live shopping for retailers is the video content that can be further leveraged in marketing activities;
  • Anyone can sell products, even brand representatives – you don’t have to call an influencer or a professional actor to go live, talk about your products, and sell products to your community;
  • McKinsey expects live commerce to account for 10-20% of total global eCommerce in 2026; moreover, in 5 years, live-stream shopping is expected to be as popular as podcasts. 


Andrei Paul, the CTO and Co-Founder of Innoship, one of our business partners, explained how to turn last-mile delivery into a competitive advantage by using data intelligence. In a world that is always “on” and instantaneous, Andrei believes that getting the delivery experience right is of utmost importance for retailers in an increasingly digitized world. Moreover, product and price are no longer the only considerations to winning sales and delighting consumers. Delivery has taken center stage as a key factor when deciding where to purchase online goods. A great delivery experience translates now into a strong competitive advantage. Here are other key highlights from Andrei’s presentation: 

  • Why is last-mile delivery important? For online retailers, last-mile delivery is the only direct touchpoint between a customer and a brand. The front door has become the new storefront. Giving consumers the products they want is important but ensuring a delightful experience from order to delivery is now the Holy Grail for retailers worldwide.
  • Why is data-driven decision-making important for retail businesses? By aggregating data, retailers can automate courier allocation, claim management, and recipient interaction. From 95% delivered parcels and 5% exceptions, their focus should be on the 5%, as customers are more likely to remember damaged parcels or parcels that didn’t arrive (in time) than smooth delivery situations. In this case, buyer satisfaction increases when the focus is on the exceptions.
  • Customers are interested to see what’s going on with their package. Therefore, retailers can add marketing elements in this stage of the delivery process along with automated notifications, following a personalization approach. A branded tracking page can contain, for example, a dynamic FAQ section, depending on the status of the parcel. This is an important point of contact with the customer where they can find all the info they need, to free up support departments and ensure a smooth process for everyone involved.  

Stay tuned for other eCommerce and digital transformation highlights from Zitec and our partners or send us a message if you have any inquiries or want to learn more about optimizing customer experience before, during, and after the sale! No matter how complicated or ambitious your idea or project is, we are prepared to take it on.


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