Continued recognition: Zitec, under Manifest's spotlight as one of the most reviewed IT Service Providers on Clutch

Discover the reasons behind Zitec's recognition as one of the most extensively reviewed IT service providers on Clutch, as acknowledged by The Manifest.
Continued recognition: Zitec, under Manifest's spotlight as one of the most reviewed IT Service Providers on Clutch

A robust IT infrastructure has become pivotal for sustaining a competitive edge in today's market, addressing potential challenges and risks, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions, or even enhancing productivity. 

Our customers enjoy enduring partnerships marked by the delivery of substantial value. By consistently meeting timelines and targets, we have achieved an 81% customer satisfaction score in 2022. This underscores the sustained relationships we forge, with our clients typically staying with us for a minimum of five years. 

Zitec’s commitment to being on the cutting edge of technology lets customers confidently rely on always having the latest and most potent solutions at their disposal. In addition, our team brings specialized expertise and up-to-date knowledge in various technological areas, as well as round-the-clock IT support for effective businesses. And this is exactly why The Manifest named us one of the most-reviewed IT services providers in Romania in 2023.

The Manifest: the journey of vetting top B2B companies

The Manifest, a prominent business blog and resource hub, is dedicated to validating the essential data, expert perspectives, and practical guidance necessary for fostering brand development and business expansion. Their commitment is to offer actionable business insights that materialize into tangible success and appreciation.

Operative in conjunction with their awards initiative, The Manifest has unveiled the most reviewed B2B companies on their platform. It serves as a formal recognition of teams’ work in their respective domains. In this regard, we take immense pride in our inclusion within this list.

We extend our gratitude to The Manifest for their continued recognition. It is an honor to be featured once again on their list. Previously acknowledged as one of the most reviewed Cloud Consultants globally, today's new accomplishment is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the exceptional partnerships we forge. Our sincere appreciation goes out to our partners and clients who have shared their success stories and insights on the projects we've embarked on together. Their trust and support have been instrumental in winning this award.

Raluca Moldovan

Business Development Manager, Zitec

Zitec’s full cycle software development services

At Zitec, we tailor custom software solutions and innovative IT services that drive digital evolution. Our expertise encompasses a wide spectrum, including custom software development, mobile app solutions, blockchain integration, eCommerce solutions, cloud computing services, and strategic digital marketing.

Our digital transformation experience spans over two decades within the European IT industry. We have honed our capabilities and forged partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries in order to architect opportunities for growth, innovation, and lasting success.

Every project development stage receives meticulous attention from us, commencing with demand analysis, followed by comprehensive specification creation. The process extends through actual implementation and concludes with a rigorous testing phase, succeeded by ongoing maintenance.

A key factor that sets us apart from fellow IT enterprises is our proficiency in delivering intricate software applications. Our background in diverse outsourcing initiatives and the creation of proprietary software projects ensures a notable time decrease to address and accomplish your needs.

Feel free to explore our Clutch profile and delve into the feedback and testimonials from our valued clients. This underlines our dedication in providing top-notch services.

Get in touch with us! We’d love to be part of your next project.



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