Reinventing delivery with Sameday’s easybox locker service

Explore the story of the Zitec and Sameday partnership and the way in which we helped them reinvent delivery with the easybox locker service.
Reinventing delivery with Sameday’s easybox locker service

Innovation has always been one of our core values at Zitec. To us, it is a source of continuous learning and growth and that is why we approach projects with a pioneering mindset, providing new solutions in the best interest of our business partners.

One such example is the self-service intelligent locker system developed by Sameday, easybox,  a novelty on the Romanian market, regarded as one of the most modern delivery systems available.

When Sameday reached out to us for this project, they were seeking an easily extensible solution, which would allow the rapid development of new features, that could easily keep up with the dynamics of their business. 

After having worked together on previous projects, our partner knew they could rely on us for this project, and we delivered on our promise: a locker management app with custom functionalities that better suited their needs.

Current developments and technologies

Once we took Sameday’s challenge, the LockerApp team was set up, handling the software-related aspects of the locker management app, such as:

  • integrations: multiple POS devices and locker types, QR Scanners, door controllers;
  • features: remote management of the locker platform, such as restart, shutdown, power on, update application and services, disable or activate locker doors.

We also implemented the return parcel feature which allows clients to return their products in easybox, and we are working on a new feature to consolidate the parcels in fewer boxes, in order to make things easier for our clients when they have more than one parcel in the lockers. 

For these developments, we are using the following technologies: .NET UWP (Universal Windows Platform), .NET Core, multiple 3rd party integrations (PC management, routers management, POS communication, lockers controllers),  self-contained Web Services, Azure DevOPS pipelines, Azure Storage, CDN.

Results and future plans

Currently, the solutions developed by us are available in numerous locations across Romania, a number that is continuously growing. The cities with the most easybox locations are, as follows: Bucharest, with 185 units, Timisoara, with 43, Iasi with 34, Constanta with 32 and Cluj-Napoca, with 46 pick-up points. At the moment, there are a total of 690 easybox lockers across the country.

In Bucharest, almost 40% of the Sameday deliveries are done through the easybox system, an eco-friendlier, and more time-convenient alternative compared to door-to-door delivery.

As for what concerns future plans, Sameday aims to reach 1,000 easybox locations by the end of the year, and our software solution will provide a seamless experience to customers, couriers, and administrators alike, regardless of the size of the network. 

Let’s talk about your project

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