Unboxing innovation: Sameday and Zitec's new app elevates delivery experience

Read about the creation of SAMEDAY App, one of the most customer-focused apps in the industry, offering clients enhanced visibility and flexibility.
Unboxing innovation: Sameday and Zitec's new app elevates delivery experience

We've all been there - eagerly awaiting that package, whether it's the latest gadget, a stylish outfit or a gripping novel. The thrill of anticipation, the dopamine rush, it's all part of the online shopping experience. But then, the anxiety sets in. 

What if you can't track your order? What if you're not home when the courier arrives? Do you really want to be the reason a courier has a bad day? And in today's environmentally-conscious world, how can we ensure our delivery choices are greener?

Enter the new SAMEDAY mobile App, an enhanced perspective in the delivery landscape. Developed in collaboration with Zitec, this app brings peace of mind to all of us who've ever missed a delivery or had to reschedule our entire day just to receive a package. And for those environmentally conscious folks, the app offers green delivery options with the easybox lockers. No more missed deliveries, no more upset couriers, and a win for the planet too!

Among the courier companies in Romania, this app stands out as one of the most customer-focused. It goes beyond just enabling real-time parcel tracking. Instead, it empowers you to take control, giving you the ability to choose when and where your parcel should arrive. Whether you want to redirect it to an easybox locker, reschedule the delivery, or even send it to a friendly neighbor (just remember to bake them some cookies as a thank you), the power is now in your hands. Last but not least, it provides secure in-app payment options, ensuring that your transactions are as smooth as your shopping experience.

So, why wait in uncertainty? With the SAMEDAY App, you can have your cake and eat it too - all while keeping your courier smiling!

Recognizing all of these evolving customer needs and the importance of staying ahead in the digital age, Sameday, in collaboration with Zitec, took a significant leap forward.

Did you know?

Users turn to mobile apps more and more, looking for exceptional experiences and maximized flexibility.

With the new mobile app, Sameday is making sure customers have all the visibility and control they expect.


Prior to the app launch, if you were a customer waiting for your parcel, you had a few options to receive a status for your order and an estimated time of delivery: you could try the call center, check the Sameday website, or reach out directly to the courier.

These options could take time and would not always guarantee an accurate response regarding the precise time of the delivery. And what if something came up and you had to redirect or postpone your order? That would entail new complications.

Sameday wanted to solve all of these problems and offer the best possible experience to customers in getting their parcels delivered when and where they wanted them, in a fast, flexible and predictable manner.

Sameday mobile app is a user-friendly option for customers to track and receive their parcels

The app provides increased transparency and visibility and more delivery options for the recipient. 

The mobile app brings an array of killer features to keep the customer in the loop at all times and give them increased control over the time and place of the delivery.


Killer features

  • In-app payment for parcels
  • Live parcel tracking up to 2 hours prior to delivery time
  • Redirection options (to easybox, to another address)
  • Postponement of the parcel's arrival by 1-5 days
  • Optiorn to extend the time the parcel stays in the easybox locker


Other cool features

  • Access to parcel history for the last 60-90 days
  • Option to add multiple addresses in the app to facilitate redirection; add favorite easybox and add cards for payments

Your journey starts here

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can choose your language (RO/EN) and quickly walk through a summary of the app options.

The app has two stages:

  • guest, where you don't have an account. You can continue as a visitor even without being logged in. At this stage, you can only identify your order by using your Air Waybill (AWB) number. But the real app journey begins once you’ve registered and signed in.
  • as a registered user, with an account. You will be required to add your phone number, accept the terms and conditions and then receive a unique code to validate, as an additional security measure.

Live tracking for maximum visibility and control

Amongst the most anticipated options is the live tracking of parcels once the courier is on their way to deliver it to you (starting with a maximum of 2 hours before reaching you).

At this point, you can view the courier getting closer, pay for your order in-app (if you haven’t already) or even redirect your order.

Flexibility at your fingertips: redirect or reschedule

You now have multiple redirection or rescheduling options. Check them out below:

  1. If you are not home, you can redirect the parcel to another address. Indicate the new address to the courier and they will bring your parcel to the new location.
  2. You can send your parcel to a locker near you, instead of the courier going to your home. The app screen for easybox pickup contains the exact details you need to know as a recipient: the locker number and the QR code.
  3. You can instruct the courier to place your parcel with a neighbor by letting them know the updated address for the delivery. Just be ready to return the favor, okay?
  4. You can postpone your order by up to five working days. This option was already available on the Sameday website, yet you could only postpone from one day to the next. In the app, the novelty is that you can postpone your delivery by up to five days.
  5. Order cancellation. Finally, if you’ve had a change of heart or a change of plans that no longer allows you to receive the order, you can cancel it altogether. 

A highly convenient feature is that you can pay directly by credit card in the application created by Sameday and Zitec. If you have ordered your parcel but have yet to pay, you can now use the app to do so. You no longer have to worry about cash.

If your delivery is already paid for, this information will show up in the app as well.

We understand the frustrations of having to reach out to call centers for updates; that's why we've put the power in our customers' hands, allowing them to effortlessly access parcel information, enhancing their overall experience. With Zitec's expertise, we've been able to realize a vision that enriches the recipient's journey while ensuring seamless operations for Sameday," added Dragoș Bărbulescu.

The app also allows you to view a history of your parcels from the last 60-90 days, or add and save multiple delivery addresses, which will make it easier for you to redirect your orders. You can also add your favorite easybox, as well as cards for faster payments.

How Zitec delivered a customer-centric app

Sameday and Zitec have long-standing collaborations, and this history contributed to Zitec’s quickly finding the right solutions for the Sameday mobile app.

This mobile app is the latest in a series of successful projects delivered by Zitec for Sameday.

Over the past six years, Zitec has consistently provided innovative solutions to bolster Sameday's rapid business growth, ensuring both customers and couriers benefit from enhanced flexibility and convenience. This partnership has yielded transformative projects, from the Microsoft Sentinel security implementation to the Kubernetes-based infrastructure. A standout among these is the reinvention of delivery through Sameday’s easybox locker service.

Zitec's pioneering spirit shone brightly with the development of the easybox locker service for Sameday. When it was launched, this intelligent self-service locker system was a novelty in Romania, offering an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to traditional deliveries. The synergy between this locker system and the mobile app shows the commitment of both companies to revolutionize the delivery experience, ensuring unmatched convenience for all involved.

Sameday's commitment to innovation is further evidenced by their expansive network of lockers across Southeast Europe, some of which are powered by solar energy. With over 4,800 easybox lockers spread across Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary, they've set a benchmark in the region.

Complementing this, the suite of mobile apps Zitec developed for Sameday's couriers, dispatchers, and warehouse operations integrates seamlessly into the company's daily workflow. These apps empower deposit managers to allocate packages efficiently and enable couriers to optimize their delivery routes, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries.

Software applications tailored to clients’ unique needs

The success of the SAMEDAY App and the easybox locker service stands as a testament to Zitec's commitment to innovation and excellence. 

With a decade of experience in mobile development, we pride ourselves on delivering robust and reliable software applications tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, tools, and frameworks, we ensure that our solutions not only meet but exceed expectations. Our track record speaks for itself, with over 300 satisfied clients worldwide.

If you're looking to elevate your business with state-of-the-art mobile solutions, Zitec is here to help.


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