The Digital Landscape in 2023: What businesses need to know to stay ahead of the game

Zitec's Digital Marketing team revealed the results of the latest 2023 Consumer Behavior Study. Discover valuable insights into the latest trends of digital consumers.
The Digital Landscape in 2023: What businesses need to know to stay ahead of the game

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and businesses need to keep up with the latest trends and consumer behavior to stay ahead of the game. To give them a helping hand, on March 29th, the Digital Marketing team of Zitec hosted the Digital Consumer Trends 2023 event. The event brought together professionals from various industries to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and behaviors of digital consumers.

During the event, we revealed the results of the latest 2023 Consumer Behavior Study. The study was conducted in collaboration with Ipsos using its innovative automated DIY Ipsos.Digital research tool. 

Crafting effective Digital Marketing strategies in 2023

Ivona Roșca, Head of Strategy at Zitec, shared her insights on how brands can prepare for the future and engage their audiences in 2023. The world has been through a lot recently, and in this context, we need to create digital marketing strategies that take into account these changes in consumption patterns and the overall social context. Here are a few key points:

  • The first step towards creating successful digital marketing strategies is to embrace data-driven marketing. According to Ivona, it is essential to unlearn any preconceived notions about your audience and focus on the most recent data available. Brands should take a look at their industry, category and targeted segment to identify emerging trends and consumer behaviors. Once you have analyzed the data, relearn and adapt your strategy based on these insights.


  • Ivona also highlighted the importance of speaking your audience's language when creating digital marketing campaigns. According to the study, consumers want to see ads that are relevant, interesting and surprising. They enjoy ads that make them laugh and escape reality. Brands should focus on creating a strong emotional bond or connection between the consumer and the brand. Ivona emphasized the concept of Lovemarks, which is a marketing concept created by Kevin Roberts that refers to a marketing positioning strategy based on generating an emotional bond or connection between the consumer and the brand.

According to Zitec x Ipsos’ research, 77% of respondents have brands with which they have an emotional bond. However, 54% of respondents would stop buying from a beloved brand if its values no longer aligned with theirs at some point. Authenticity, connection and empathy are essential to building long-term relationships with customers.

  • Ivona also highlighted the importance of giving people what they want. Consumers are tired of seeing the same ads repeatedly and they want to see brands that are authentic and transparent, even in their campaigns. According to the study, brands should focus on creating inspirational ads with a clear message and a good storyline. According to the research, ads that promote a political agenda are not appreciated, while ads that provide an escape from reality are enjoyed the most.

Let's learn how to sell more

Mihăiță Pașcaniuc, Creative Director Zitec, also took the stage. With over eight years of experience in the field, Mihăiță leads the Creative digital marketing team, which helps clients convey their marketing messages in the most original ways. Here are the main ideas from his presentation:

  • While it's essential to have competitive pricing and fast delivery, many other factors can influence purchasing decisions. For example, some customers may be willing to pay a premium for products that are eco-friendly or socially responsible, while others may prioritize convenience or brand loyalty over price. Do you want to sell more? Businesses should carefully consider their target audience and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.


  • How to create content that sells? Mihăiță emphasized the importance of storytelling in marketing, which allows brands to differentiate themselves, create a unique identity and connect with consumers on a deeper level. To craft stories that sell, he recommended following these steps:
  1. Define the tone of your stories: Your tone should be consistent with your brand's personality and values and should resonate with your target audience.
  2. Choose your characters: Use relatable characters so people will see themselves in the story and feel they are part of it! Storytelling starts with understanding your audience.
  3. Create the conflict: Identify your customers' pain points and frame them as a challenge. Demonstrate how your product or service can help overcome these challenges.
  4. Provide a satisfying resolution: Show how your product or service can transform your customer's life and help them achieve their desired outcome.

Once you have created your story, it's important to find the right formats and placements to tell it in order to effectively find and engage with your audience. With this in mind, Mihăiță Pașcaniuc suggested several strategies to help brands achieve this goal.

He recommended optimizing videos for each placement, using engaging audio to capture viewers' attention but at the same time optimizing your videos for those who watch them on mute with dynamic captions and graphics. He also suggested using podcasts to reach new audiences and build brand loyalty. Additionally, leveraging the power of influencers by selecting those who are experts in your niche and share your brand's culture and values can help increase engagement.

User-generated content can also be a powerful tool for brands, as it increases brand recognition, word of mouth, authenticity and feedback. Finally, he emphasized the growing importance of social responsibility and brand values.

Another strategy that brands can use to effectively engage with their audience is by using AI in their marketing activities. While some marketers may be hesitant to use AI due to a lack of understanding and a high cost of implementation, Mihăiță Pașcaniuc notes that AI tools have become more affordable and easy to use. By utilizing AI in their marketing strategies, brands can stay ahead of the curve and reach their audience in more effective ways.

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Our third guest was Gabriel Eremia

Gabriel Eremia, Marketing & Product Management Director, Arctic, is a marketing and product management leader with over ten years of industry experience and a proven track record of developing and executing integrated marketing, communications and product management plans.

During the event, Gabriel emphasized the importance of a mobile-first approach when it comes to video production. He came to us with a solid example from a campaign he ran for Arctic and the result was that mobile-first is no longer an optional approach for businesses in today's digital landscape. It's a must! With mobile devices dominating internet usage, designing and developing for mobile first is essential for reaching and engaging with your audience. It's time to prioritize a great mobile experience and stay ahead of the curve.

Find out more about the importance of a mobile-first approach

Zitec Video Case Study | Redesigning the Arctic Website

Arctic's Marketing & Product Management Director also presented to our guests the customer journey for brand discovery. There are three main sources of information when it comes to brand discovery, such as TV Ads, Search Engines and Newsletters. Brands need to have a presence across multiple channels to increase their chances of being discovered by potential customers. However, the specific sources that a brand uses may depend on its target audience and marketing strategy.

The Digital Consumer Trends 2023 event was a success, as participants gained valuable insights into consumer trends, content development and digital marketing strategies. The event speakers shared key takeaways, such as unlearning preconceived notions about the audience, speaking the language of the target audience, creating a marketing positioning strategy based on generating an emotional bond and using storytelling as a content development framework in 2023 and beyond. With this knowledge, businesses can stay ahead of their audience's behavior and create effective digital marketing strategies that resonate with their audience.

We were thrilled to witness the diverse gathering of professionals from various sectors who joined us to exchange knowledge and insights.

Stay tuned for more digital marketing expertise and insights from Zitec and our partners! Whether you're looking to captivate your customers or aim for a specific audience across multiple platforms, our team is well-equipped to tackle even the most challenging and ambitious projects. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or if you have any questions. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates! 


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