Why feedback matters at work and how to give it better

Read all about the importance of feedback for the entire Zitec team and why giving it can be just as challenging as receiving it.
Why feedback matters at work and how to give it better

We work in a very dynamic field and feedback is part of our everyday activity. We, at Zitec, know from our own experience, that giving feedback can be just as challenging as receiving it, and that is why a carefully constructed feedback culture should be implemented all throughout the organization, especially since every team member is expected to give their input to another colleague at a certain point. 

By definition, a culture of feedback equips absolutely anyone and everyone in the organization with the proper tools to give constructive criticism to anyone else in the company. However, the emphasis here should be on “constructive”, because feedback is much more than just an opinion we speak, and that should always be considered beforehand. Giving feedback is more than being randomly honest, it’s about being considerate too. And that, in the pursuit of appreciation from peers or just for the sake of standing out, is often forgotten.

So, building a culture of feedback is becoming more and more necessary throughout organizations, both for the purpose of maintaining a higher level of satisfaction among team members, as well as for achieving better business results. Because, if guided on the right path, people will know better what is expected of them and will also feel more trusted and empowered.

Therefore, without further ado, here is how to promote and establish a culture of feedback in your organization:

How to give better feedback in ten easy steps

We know, ten steps may sound like quite the effort. However, you may have already implemented many of these and not even known it. All they need now is a more unitary approach so that they can integrate better into the concept of a feedback culture. But let’s start at the beginning

  • Be the first to set an example

True leaders inspire their followers through concrete actions. It’s your job to show that the company and its people are open to constructive feedback – so be the first to set the tone on how this is done. A moderate, diplomatic, and well-balanced leader will inspire the same kind of behavior throughout. However, aggressive and sarcastic comments, served with a superior attitude, may spread faster than wildfire and will surely not serve anyone. So be sure to avoid these and discourage them in others, as well.

  • Start right from the hiring process

People with a growth mindset are a true gem and can be easily identified right from the earliest stages of recruitment. Such individuals regard feedback as a natural part of their profession, as well as a natural way to constantly improve themselves, which is definitely something you need in your organization.

But solely hiring people focused on growth is not enough. Continuously invest in growth as well, encourage existing team members to constantly take new courses and upgrade their skills, and, why not, even invest in such things as feedback training. This may not even need to be a consistent investment – the colleagues that have aced this skill can simply hold training sessions for others. 

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