ZiHack #9 – We make dreams happen!

Read the entire story of this year’s 24hours hackathon and learn more about the contestants and winning projects.
ZiHack #9 – We make dreams happen!

Okay, so first of all, this was my first ZiHack here at Zitec. I’ll tell you the story from behind the curtains and how we made it happen during this year’s 24hours hackathon. Keep reading for the good stuff!

We approached #ZiHack 9 keeping in mind what’s important to us as a team: courage, commitment and innovation. From the T-shirt design – an almighty sci-fi unicorn, to our motto “Make dreams happen.”, it was just a matter of time before each team started to draw their own project, combining techy with creativity. But let’s take it from the beginning, shall we? And not spoil the winners. *shhh*

1st of November – Friyay.
9 AM sharp.
Zitec HQ – The Cafeteria.
A lot of people.

Here we are with our friends from Cappuccino Story and their amazing cups of coffee. Catalin did his best at drawing unicorns, so creativity started early that day. It’s raining unicorns, hallelujah?

12 teams started hacking at 10 AM. Our main categories were Zitec Internal (Fun & Productivity), Chatbots, IoT, Mirro and Data Manipulation. So just a sneak peak of the main dishes:

Mafia Unicorns

The purpose was to increase user engagement in Mirro with gamification. The team used JS as the programming language, Express as the framework and MongoDB for the database. They also added a small RPA robot that can trigger the game session for the users when needed/wanted.


By integrating a web chatbot in Mirro and in Google Chat, they can offer Mirro users a friendly interaction, in an innovative and fun way. They started by making intents for LUIS. Also, they created the methods for calling the Mirro API and exploring the Google Chat API + math skills to create the Pinata game.


An app that collects and analyses data about company meetings, providing valuable insights and best practices for meeting organizers using an Arduino MAP MAD-01 device.


Offers a solution that allows a website owner to take metrics based on different marks from the browser. The resulting data is passed on to Data Studio that uses it to plot different relevant charts that can help developers see where exactly the website is having a hard time. The team made use of the Performance API and Beacon API in JavaScript in order to collect all the relevant data, format it and pass it to a Google Cloud Function.

Mirro Connectors

It connects Mirro with different platforms using serverless architecture consisting of Lambda Functions, queues and cloud events in order to create a couple connectors between Mirro and other systems (Slack, Facebook Workplace), and also an AWS as a cloud provider to host the php powered AWS Lambdas.


Friendly autonomous robot for fast announcements dispatchment, offering a fun & engaging alternative to spreading sugar, spice and a touch of magic inside companies that use mirro.io., using MI Robot, Python server and NodeJS server.

ZA Bridge

It takes data from Xero using an API, extends it to match Saga, then sends it to RPA which will add / update data to Saga.

Budgeting for money

What if managing money no longer felt overwhelming, confusing, or stressful? This app is pulling data from mirro.io contracts and models them into forecast of data based on historical changes.

Doua Roti

Smart bicycle parking system providing safe locks controlled and charged through a dedicated mobile app. They used Azure App Service, Azure SQL Database, Ionic Framework and Angular for the mobile app, .Net MVC.

Operation STAR

Statistics, trends, analysis & retrospective for Mirro customers using Python, Django, React, Jenkins.


It uses the same resources for multiple projects and allows for the instantaneous deployment of an application in a collection of containers called a “pod“, on a cluster of resources shared among projects.

Meet me Zere

Solving one of the main issues of people that work in office buildings: finding where a colleague is. They used Javascript vanilla, Symphony for the backend, photos and save pin locations.

And because coding cannot happen with a sleepy mind, we got into VR Games, Redbull, massages and funny sketches and many many little surprises to keep everyone awake for the grand finale.

At 9 AM on 2nd of November, we gathered for a photo and then went home for a good and relaxing recess. Where does all that energy come from?! Intermezzo.

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Back so soon? It’s 5:30 PM the next day and the presentations are on fire. Demos, speakers, a great public. The jury sat and debated over the projects. Jokes, unicorn costumes and many crazy ways of presenting. Not your usual PowerPoint slides.

Talking about fire, did I mention the show flair bartending? Oh…yes. And colored cotton candy for our sweet tooth. Because we work hard and party harder. 😊 Until the last client!

And for the  Zihack #9 winners, *drums* the jury congratulated ZA BRIDGE for their idea of automation of all invoices. #uipath #automation #saga #xero  They had a fully functional application at the end! So, using RPAs makes a lot of things work with human interaction.

A big round of applause for everyone involved, it was a great internal event. Project Teams, jury, organization team – we did it again for the 9th time! Secret ingredients: commitment, courage, drive and fun all the way. #makedreamshappen

For more details on all the projects above and for the other apps, please consider visiting our devpost.com dedicated hackathon: #Zihack 9

Also, for more pics and videos, please visit our Facebook page/Instagram – you know the drill, hit the like button and follow us for @lifeatzitec insights.

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