Zitec 2019 in a nutshell [Infographic]

Have a look at the amazing Zitec 2019 journey and how it's been for our team, everything wrapped up in a cool infographic.
Zitec 2019 in a nutshell [Infographic]

As 2020 reveals itself to us, we took one last look at the challenging journey 2019 has been for our team and placed all the insights in the cool infographic below. Some of the numbers took even us by surprise, so scroll down and share away if you like what you see.

1 new Zitec product launched – Mirro.io

The app helps your team grow – see how Mirro.io works!

2 digital agencies acquired

We’ve taken over the teams and portfolios of Bright and Symbolic, two companies specialized in web-design, e-commerce software development and digital marketing.

3 new tech partnerships

Zitec is now Magento, VTEX and Sigfox official partner.

4 #cei1024 blood donation sessions held in our office

Many thanks to everyone who joined us and donated blood to save lives!

5 ZiBand concerts

Check the ZiBand FB page out for more details!

10 Black Friday projects

We’re talking 100% uptime for software projects, but also successful campaigns for digital marketing partners.

12 industry awards

The most important are: Best Workplace, Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards, 2nd place award as Business Services Company of the Year with less than 800 employees and 2nd place award as Employer of the Year with less than 800 employees at the Romanian Business Services Forum & Awards

16 years celebration teambuilding

Here is how we made it happen!

18 events with 7 Zitec speakers

Our colleagues gave talks on innovation, digital transformation, team performance, blockchain, AI, cloud and entrepreneurship.

24-hour hacking marathon

We’ve just completed our 9th #ZiHack edition!

40 counties where public institutions use Regista

Our mission is to help #makeitso when it comes to a digitized Romania – check the map on regista.ro

84 tech and digital marketing certifications

We’re a team of certified specialists!

154 colleagues in the Zitec team

If you want to join us, check the careers page, see what role fits you and send us your resume>> makeit.software

271 press appearances

300 kg of roasted coffee to get our energy up

You know what they say: nothing recharges your batteries like a nice cup of coffee.

323 interviews held by the HR team

It was no easy job to select who to meet after the thousands CVs we received last year.

385 participants in 13 Zitec events

Many thanks to all who attended our workshops, meetups or other events!

452 kudos given in Mirro.io

There is nothing that works better for team productivity like recognition, and mirro.io helps us do that and everything else related to performance management.

500+ views for the ZiBand live recording of “S-a rupt lanțul de iubire”

In case you missed it or you’re just dying to listen to it again, just hit play!

815 instagram followers

To see how #lifeatzitec goes, follow us on Instagram @lifeatzitec!

873 Zitec themed t-shirts

1,000 l of White Rabbit beer

5th edition of the Zitec beer, this time produced by Oriel Beer: whiterabbit.beer

2,000 Mirro unicorns giveaways

The unicorns heard greeted people joining our booth at the Mirro launch as a gift for team leaders who trust the magic of a feedback culture. Follow the heard on insta @mirro.io

5,000 km run by our friends and partners Florin Simion & Adelin Udeanu

8,035 m summit reached by our friend and partner Alex Gavan

17,582 ron raised for charity

We played volleyball for a dogs shelter, and we hosted tech meetups and dedicated our 16th teambuilding to raising magic points that turned to real money for our friends at MagiCamp. Many thanks to everyone who donated in our campaigns!

15,750 lives saved by the #cei1024 donors

You don’t need to be a doctor to save lives. Donate blood via www.cei1024.ro

27,047 Facebook fans

This is where we share our milestones, news, jobs announces and the most funny pics – like our page and keep in touch!

811,542 lines of code written for Mirro.io

Helping teams grow and promoting a culture of feedback one code line at a time!

6.5M+ documents registered with Regista

With Regista used in 400 public institutions in Romania for online document management, we’re one step closer to our greater purpose: to digitize the national public system.

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