iELM’s sales grow by 94% backed by the Zitec digital marketing team

Learn how our digital marketing team's strategies have helped iELM grew sales by 94% and increase customer loyalty.
iELM’s sales grow by 94% backed by the Zitec digital marketing team

Executive summary: iELM wanted to expand to several European markets, however their existing digital marketing strategy could not keep up with the fast rate of growth and their ambitions. The company turned to Zitec and together we adopted a complete strategy overhaul that would ensure expansion and market success in several countries.

Founded as a family company in Sweden in 2013, iELM has become one of the most important brands in children’s clothing throughout Europe. Their products are known for their high quality, functional design and materials that allow children to play in all weather conditions, something that has earned the company a position at the top of the industry.

Growth brings new opportunities and demands

iELM started as a family-owned company focused on producing high quality children’s clothing in small batches. The success of their products was immediate, prompting the leadership to consider entering new markets. One of the first countries where iELM wanted to sell their products was Romania, which is also where the production was relocated. Their existing marketing plan was a list of activities with associated costs, and with the help from Zitec they set a tie between these activities and the company’s growth objectives. 

Updating the digital strategy

iELM turned to Zitec to provide a full range of digital marketing services and become their dedicated agency for growth in Romania and several other countries. Our team evaluated iELM’s existing strategy and results and together we decided on a more complex approach. The digital strategy envisioned by Zitec involved several tools, including Google & Facebook Ads, SEO, organic growth in social media as well as influencer marketing campaigns. We have a dedicated community management team in place, which caters to customers’ needs on social media and aligns all communication to the brand’s guidelines.

With help from our digital marketing team, iELM reallocated the existing budget entirely and devised a plan for gradually reducing expenses while maximizing impact.

As an end-to-end partner for iELM, Zitec also provides technical support. We migrated the existing Magento 1 platform to Magento 2 and automated several internal processes, like AWB generation and order processing. 

Our technical team has also performed security audits and implemented the measures decided together with iELM to minimize any potential threats. 

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