Managed and professional DevOps services: How they help your business scale up

Explore how managed and professional DevOps services help your business scale up in the everchanging digital economy.
Managed and professional DevOps services: How they help your business scale up

Modern businesses need to accelerate their ability to deliver successful software applications to maintain their competitive advantage in the fast-changing digital economy. However, application development doesn’t end after one release; infrastructure monitoring, continuous improvements, and performance optimizations need to be addressed to avoid interruptions and deliver reliable and high-performing software to all users.

Challenges appear in these processes, while there’s also potential for automation. DevOps practices can help businesses in the following ways:

  • understand problems easier and faster;
  • write code that can prevent them from reappearing;
  • monitor resources usage and application growth trends;
  • further improve the infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines for any given application. 


As DevOps combines agile, continuous delivery, automation, and programmable infrastructure deployment and maintenance, it enables software development and IT operations teams to work smarter and faster in ensuring higher reliability and better performance for any type of application.

Commonly, there are two types of DevOps services: managed and professional. To help you choose the right one for your business, we bring here together the main things you need to consider when pursuing DevOps services for your business.  

How managed and professional DevOps services work

Managed and professional DevOps services work similarly to a team extension or even a dedicated team. This team continuously contributes to creating a sustainable, scalable, and iterative process for your current and future development projects. By employing these services, you can increase your speed to market, update and improve applications, add new features, and perform fixes much faster

In a nutshell, DevOps-managed and professional services bring consistency to your business by minimizing the number of incidents and increasing the application uptime.

Managed and professional DevOps services: benefits

1. Faster intervention and resolution time 

Preserving business systems up-to-date and ensuring they work at their best level of performance require monitoring and maintenance. As outages can prove very costly for your organization, through proactive, real-time monitoring and alerting, managed DevOps services ensure faster intervention and resolution time. 

2. Maximized performance

When you opt for professional DevOps services, a dedicated team tracks your software’s performance and helps you reduce downtime through continuous development. At the same time, you can ensure the high availability of your application even in case of spikes in traffic, users, or orders, such as during Black Friday; the team is there to keep the ball rolling in any circumstances. 

3. Cost optimization 

Minimizing downtime means no financial or reputational loss to your business. Furthermore, you can develop reliable and scalable infrastructures. With automations, you can achieve significant cost savings by reducing the lead times when it comes to software deployment and support of IT infrastructures.

4. Increased security

With DevOps services, your business gains critical insights into potential risks, which leads to increased security. Through system hardening, you can secure your servers, virtual machines, containers, and all infrastructure services by minimizing any potential attack vector, which has a deep impact on increasing your business’s overall security posture. 

Why opt for DevOps services from Zitec 

Our almost two decades of experience in providing end-to-end business solutions to a variety of clients all over the world helped us assemble a powerful DevOps team ready to answer your needs. In essence, our DevOps engineers can deal with a wide range of requests, such as:

Monitoring and alerting

  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Application uptime monitoring
  • Real-time alerting
  • Incident response and service recovery for infrastructure-related downtime
  • Monthly health reports

Critical security and data integrity upkeep:

  • Critical security updates (OS packages)
  • Back-up planning and implementation

Continuous infrastructure improvements:

  • Infrastructure management and upgrades
  • Recurring cost optimizations
  • Capacity planning and cost forecasting for new setups
  • System hardening

DevOps and automation:

  • Infrastructure and configuration management automation
  • Container setup and management
  • Code deployment automation
  • Log aggregation


  • Infrastructure architecture consulting


  • Email and ticketing software support


We’re successfully delivering managed and professional DevOps services to companies such as Flanco, Sameday, Regista, Cars2Click, or Token. We support their respective applications’ continuous improvement, automation, or high-traffic campaigns. 

One of these clients, Cars2Click, a digital car trader serving 16 countries, improved their daily processing of millions of cars by contracting our DevOps Managed Services. The company benefits from an intervention agreement through which our team constantly performs fixes or any automation and software issues that appear. After employing our services, Cars2Click managed to reach an ingestion of ~5 million events in under 40 minutes per day. In addition, the tech used for data management reduced the processing time from 2 hours to 5 minutes. 

If you want to learn more about this project or Zitec’s capabilities in DevOps, feel free to get in touch.


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