The 8th edition of the Traineeship was a blast!

Learn more about our 8th edition of the traineeship and why it's been so special to our trainees, mentors and eventually everyone at Zitec.
The 8th edition of the Traineeship was a blast!

It’s been a tremendous 3 months here at Zitec. Soon after we moved to our new offices, this year’s traineeship started. 15 trainees in PHP, QA, DevOps, and Front-end have begun their learning journey. From the beginning of July until October the trainees took part in what they were going to call “the greatest learning experience of our lives”.

We planned the curriculum to be tailored to today’s industry standards and make room for brand-new technologies. This year marks the 8th edition of the traineeship program, and we had a surprise for our trainees: a shadowing program. This means that they had the opportunity to be a part of one of our teams and work together with them.

A sneak peek at the story of their experiences

After three months of traineeship at Zitec, I feel amazing. Everybody from the team was awesome and helped us a lot with every problem. After all, for me, this experience was the best way to achieve more knowledge, make friends and have fun. All at the same time. (Andrei – PHP/Magento)

This summer was one of the best summers I’ve had. Although it was my first job, my colleagues made me feel like I was part of the team since day one. I’ve learnt so much and developed a lot of hard skills as well as soft skills due to the incredible people that work here. I’m happy I chose Zitec and I recommend it to everyone! (Isabela – PHP)

3 months of traineeship – 3 months of continuously learning and 3 months of being surrounded by awesome people. At Zitec you can be yourself because everybody is willing to help you, to truly understand you, and to open your eyes when is needed. The two main points that I have really enjoyed while being an intern at Zitec: challenging learning subjects and tasks and an amazing team! (Carla – DevOps)

This traineeship was a great opportunity for me because I’ve learned PHP and Symfony at high standards directly from professionals. The courses were complex and full of new info. When I first came here I knew very little PHP but these people here are good at teaching so don’t be afraid to apply for the traineeship program even if you don’t feel like having a solid background. It is a rare chance to be paid for learning, so don’t miss the opportunity! (Ionuț – PHP)

The traineeship program was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. The courses were on point and full of insights from real-world development procedures and/or issues. Adding to this shadowing experience, the result is a comprehensive overview of web development that I very much needed. Great stuff! (Theo – QA)

It was a great traineeship, an opportunity to use and test the knowledge acquired in college. Over these 3 months, my soft skills considerably improved. I became more organized and I learned to prioritize the important tasks in a project. Everyone was willing to help, and their support was very important to us. (Bogdan – PHP)

I believe that this traineeship was one amazing experience, thanks to what I’ve improved my both technical and soft skills. I learned a lot, and the process was fun and full of relevant information. (Adrian – Front-End)

The last 3 months at Zitec were an awesome journey, as I learned a lot of new stuff from cool people in a relaxed environment. Everyone has a smile on their face and is willing to help, which makes you feel like in a big family. Overall I had fun and I enjoy being part of this amazing team. (Mihai – DevOps)

What’s next

We cannot wait to develop great projects and experiences together with them. Hopefully, they convinced you to apply for the next traineeship that will start at the beginning of July 2019. You can apply on our careers page. We cannot wait to receive your resume and meet you. See you soon!

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