Why Undelucram.ro and Forbes.ro wrote about us?

Learn why we've been selected in the Top 5 IT Companies that offer the best development opportunities on Undelucram.ro
Why Undelucram.ro and Forbes.ro wrote about us?

You know those movies where someone writes a story that they never intended to make public? Then someone publishes it behind their back and they wake up a star overnight, with everyone talking about them? Well, that’s how our story somehow escaped into the world, via people who either work or used to work for us, people who voted for us in every top we were ever nominated in. That’s how, for the second year

in a row, we’ve been placed in the Top 5 IT Companies that offer the best development opportunities on Undelucram.ro and – more than that – Forbes.ro even wrote about us!

But why do people end up voting for us among all those other companies?

Our story is quite simple: we care about our people and we have the best of them. Ever since the beginning of Zitec, we’ve only brought into our team those special people in which we’ve seen great potential. This made it easy for us to help them grow, just like it’s easy for a chef to cook a great meal when they have the very best ingredients.

Professional & personal development 

We also like to think that professional development goes hand in hand with personal development, so we invest in both at the same time within a project we call Zitec Academy. This project includes coaching sessions, technical meetups, active listening courses, leadership workshops – and even parenting classes! Aside from that that, we also encourage our team, both financially and morally, to get certified in the technologies they love to work with, as well as keep learning new things. To achieve this and to support our people in every step of their career development, we’ve also implemented a mentoring program that’s widely appreciated not only by the mentees but also by the mentors who feel the satisfaction of truly impacting someone’s career and evolution.

Stellar training

Another thing we take pride in is the stellar training we’ve offered the students in our traineeship program and the fact that we’ve strived to teach them not only how to code but also how to develop great team relationships and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

We also like to think that learning is a never-ending process and that you shouldn’t draw the line after reaching a certain age or a professional level. No, you shouldn’t retire, hang up your keyboard and pass all your knowledge along to the younger generations. We believe the journey to “enlightenment” never stops – and, who knows, maybe you’ll have the surprise of learning new things from your newer and more inexperienced workmates.

Let’s not forget the fun 

And yes, we like to have fun – and that’s no secret to anyone – but that’s not all we’re about. It’s our values, our openness and our mindset that helped us gain a reputation beyond our crazy parties and our amazing space-themed headquarters (though we do hold crazy parties and our headquarters is seriously to die for!).

But the main thing that makes us happy to come to work every morning is that day after day, here at Zitec, we feel like we’re not just writing a story but a real bestseller!

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