Author: Alex AXON, Chief Creative Officer

Design Department 10 Commandments

Here at Zitec, we all strive to do our work at the highest professional standards. Constant improvement, innovation, expanding our [...]

Zitec on Smashing Magazine

For those who don’t know yet, Smashing Magazine is arguably one of the most popular blogs for web designers and developers, [...]

Pure CSS Logos. No Images, No JS.

A few years ago, creating a logo only with the use of CSS sounded a bit crazy. Now, with CSS3, you can replicate a lot of fancy effects [...]

The New Zitec HQ

Hello everyone, this is really big news and we are all very excited about it! We moved our headquarters downtown, to a new building [...]

Zitec. Rebranded.

There’s a time in every company‚Äôs life when rebranding is inevitable. Most of the times you want to target a different market, or [...]

The Yahoo! Login Page Creative Competition

  The Zitec Design Team participates in The Yahoo! Login Page Creative Competition. Here are our personal visions about what we [...]

DPAD 2011

On September 27, Zitec will attend DPAD – Digital Publishing & Advertising Day – the first event dedicated to the [...]


Building a corporate website layout is something that creative designers would usually like to avoid. This is because there is no [...]