The importance of coaching at work

Find out why coaching at work is so important for us and why we're concerned about our coleagues' personal development.
The importance of coaching at work

It’s important for us to see that our colleagues are happy at work and we are concerned about their personal development. At Zitec, we encourage creativity, open mind thinking, and authenticity. That’s why we believe that telling you what to do is not the right approach. You are free to express yourself, implement your ideas, and do it your way. You may have great soft skills in working with people or mentoring Junior Developers, but you may need some motivation to start. You may like to become a Team Leader or a Project Manager. Through coaching, you can find your own solutions, discover new options and identify your strengths.

We believe that efficiency and motivation are the results of a good state of mind. That’s why we have two HR members that are specialized in the art of coaching and are available for accompanying our colleagues in getting that new certification, becoming a Senior Developer, or learning a hot technology.

We understand that we all have personal or professional challenges. Sometimes we might need to be reminded of our objectives or find one that suits us. For example, if you want to learn new technology, with the help of a coach, you can establish concrete steps, timeframes, and ways to measure progress. You may also find new resources that you didn’t even think about.

What our colleagues feel about coaching

I feel that coaching is really useful. It helps me to set professional and personal objectives and to achieve them. The coach doesn’t tell me what to do, I am the one that finds solutions for my problems like technology addiction or maintaining healthy habits. (Software Developer, 24 years)

Coaching sessions taught me to answer a few important questions regarding the objectives I want to achieve, such as: clarifying the steps, identifying who can help me and how I celebrate my achievements. I understood that every step is important in the process. The coach provoked me to find answers and think besides my limitations. I have learned to make a plan and stick to it, to ask for support from key people and to celebrate the results of every milestone. (EU Funds Consultant, 35 years)

What I like most about coaching is that I can focus only on the problem I want to solve, without thinking about other issues. The coach helped me by asking the right questions, so I managed to find the best solutions and establish clear steps toward my goal. I was able to see improvements right after the first coaching meeting. (Software Engineer, 27 years)

We believe that a great professional is defined by a mix of soft skills and hard skills. Our development program is completed by trainings in communication, active listening, mentoring, and stress management.

So, from time to time, everybody needs to…upgrade his or her internal software😊. If you are looking for a place to grow, while being supported and encouraged to be yourself, we are waiting for you at Zitec!

Take a look at our careers website and let us know when you are ready to join us on our ship. Until then, you can leave us a comment down below or contact us on our Facebook page.

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