We turned 18 this summer and we celebrated, Zitec style!

Find out how we celebrated our 18th anniversary with an offline party to remember and take a sneak peak into some cool photos and videos.
We turned 18 this summer and we celebrated, Zitec style!

This June, Zitec celebrated its 18th anniversary with an offline party to remember. We can hardly believe how quickly time went by. It seems like just a few years ago we were a small group of young tech professionals on a quest to make the world better by using our knowledge. Today, the Zitec team has over 200 awesome members, many of whom have joined the company while we were operating fully remote.

An 18-year anniversary. Dozens of new colleagues. We couldn’t take it anymore. A serious party was in order. After more than one year of online calls and getting to know each other via webcam, we wanted to shake hands and share a drink. We wanted to dance to good music and share stories about anything and everything.

So, we saved the date, June 11th, and the anticipation kept building. Our awesome event planning team made sure the party would follow the Covid prevention measures strictly.

The outside venue was located on the outskirts of Bucharest, as we wanted to make sure we could turn up the music without distressing any neighbors. Speaking of music, our good friend, the talented Damian Draghici wanted to bring his band and get our legs moving like there was never any pandemic.

As soon as our people started showing up, everyone got right down to it. The newcomers introduced themselves and we all engaged in exciting conversations in no time. It couldn’t all be perfect as the rain decided to do a little pouring of its own. It made us a little scared at first, but Damian lightened the mood with one of his stories and reminded us how much fun summer rain is. In no time we were dancing in front of the stage, and it all started to look a little bit like a scene from a music festival. And we were enjoying every minute of it.

An evening among friends, with good food, great music and a general desire to do things together, Zitec’s 18th birthday party was one we’ll remember. 

Always had epic parties at Zitec. We managed to get a glimpse of those online, for one year and a half. We almost forgot how it felt to do it in person, how glasses clinked. We remembered. Oh boy, did we remember. The music was just amazing, even the unexpected rain had its charm. Faces, old and new, smiling like the good old days. Epic parties, yeah, we do that around here.” (Bogdan Ioniță)

I was missing the all too known Zitec legendary parties and this get-together after more than one year of social distancing was like a breath of fresh air that I could not get enough of. Many thanks to the organizing team for taking the time and making the effort to #makeitso and to Damian Draghici and his band for the festival atmosphere their music created! (Costinela Nistor)

Zitec 18th Anniversary was one of the moments which I was expecting with so much enthusiasm. I joined Zitec in April 2020, during the pandemic crisis, when all was transitioned to remote. I easily understood that Zitec is a place of community first before a working environment as I was listening to the old stories from previous parties and how much fun they were enjoying. I was waiting so impatiently to have an amazing time with Z members and so it was. Zitec’s 18th Party was legendary as I got the chance to meet most of my colleagues in real life in an awesome place, by the pool, accompanied by the wonderful band of Damian Draghici, tasty barbecue and a little rain which made the dancing even more fun. For me it was one of the best parties.” (Lavinia Cutinov)

Here is our amazing night in photos and here is a four minute video sum-up.

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