Zitec Fest 2022 was a blast and we’ve got the pictures to prove it

This year we wanted to create a team event that would leave everyone smiling at the end. So we created Zitec Fest 2022.
Zitec Fest 2022 was a blast and we’ve got the pictures to prove it
Zitec’s team events and parties have become legendary. It was only natural for everyone to be eagerly waiting for the next one. So, when the news popped up in our inboxes a couple of months ago, we were hyped. It seemed this time it would be more than your “usual” team event. What do you call a 4-day outdoor party with live performances and a guest band, activities, games, delicious food, and drinks? That’s right. We had our very own festival: Zitec Fest 2022.
You’d think this kind of thing would get old after having attended so many team buildings – six others, to be exact – but the Zitec team is one that just won’t stop giving. This year I’ve found the same relentless energy, the same bonding experiences, and a much-needed sense of connection, especially after two years of working separately from our own homes. Also, leave it to Zitec to find the prettiest and most relaxing locations. <3”  Maria Nedelcu
But let’s go back a bit. Last year’s event was a great experience, especially since it was the first after a long period of restrictions and not seeing each other that much. It was also the location that made it special. Zaga Zaga land is a uniquely beautiful place, with a river delta and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and share. We just had to party there one more time. Of course, there were some changes. The first thing that was clearly different was the size of the team. In the past year, Zitec’s headcount has grown massively, and it is still on the rise. So, this year, we had to introduce one hundred extra new colleagues to the Zitec way of having fun. Our colleagues from all over the country came to the Zitec HQ, where we boarded the buses to Zaga Zaga. Night one of Zitec Fest 2022 kicked off with a special event, hosted by one of our closest friends. Damian Draghici and his band put on a show to remember. The warm weather of the summer night and the good vibes made it seamless to switch to party mode. It didn’t take long before the dance floor became full of people dancing to Damian’s beats. After the band’s awesome performance, the party went on into the early hours of the morning.
“Smartest and most mature Team Building ever. I joined the company 1 month prior to Zitec Fest 2022. These amazing days helped me strengthen the relationships with my team and colleagues from departments I have to work with on a weekly basis. In 22 years as a participant, facilitator and trainer, it is the first time I’ve experienced a 4 day team building event with such a light agenda. This allowed all of us to make our own agenda and enjoy the wide variety of activities already available on site. In one word: blissful.”  Mihail Musat
The next day, after a well-deserved nutritious breakfast, we each pursued the activities of our choice, in groups and individually. Considering the generous offerings of the location, you could see our colleagues by the swimming pool, taking a bike ride, playing tennis, climbing trees in the adventure park, or taking a boat trip on the lake. The afternoon was about bonding and learning new things about one another in an enjoyable way. We split up in teams for interactive games, quizzes and creative exercises that surfaced our humor.
Zitec Fest was by far the best experience I have ever taken part in. A very different team building – as most of its agenda was left at one’s free will, which gave us the opportunity to be spontaneous and enjoy the environment and the multitude of activities. This offered me the possibility to connect with other colleagues willingly (without the pressure of feeling forced to speak about myself and participate in the usual bonding games).” Andra Ciolan
The day went by quickly, as they do when you have a lot of fun. The second night of Zitec Fest brought us yet another surprise, this time something we’d been waiting for since before the pandemic. Our very own ZiBand, live in concert. And they were every bit as good as we remembered them. An amazing set, with great covers and newly heard original songs, to which we sang along and danced. Some colleagues were clearly surprised to hear great music being played by people they run into at the coffee machine.
A memorable team building, in an amazing environment and with great people. All the activities embraced the idea of teamwork and the parties made us bond and connect with one another. I am so happy to have met so many colleagues and to be part of this awesome team. Bogdan Pisică
Day three of Zitec Fest 2022 was once again filled with leisure activities and sports, depending on everyone’s personal preference. The fun continued after dark with the signature campfire, stories, and quality time. On the fourth day, with a little bit of regret, we boarded the buses and left for home. Zitec Fest 2022 was a hit. The 4 days of fun and music went by as a breeze and we were soon back in front of the office. We came home with great memories, backed up by photos and videos to keep us warmed up until next year’s summer event. Enjoy the gallery and let us know if you’re interested in joing the Zitec team. Now you know the parties are good.

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